Adjust (Amsterdam)

Sourcing on Demand (München)

Tactica (Hongkong)

Paladin Associates Inc. (Atlanta)

About us

Procurement-consultancy companies from all over the world have created a new partnership: The Sourcing Alliance. They come together to provide for global  procurement services.

The Sourcing Alliance includes four collaborative procurement consultancy companies. Those are: Adjust (Amstelveen, the Netherlands), SourcingOnDemand (München, Germany), Paladin Associates Inc. (Atlanta, USA) and Tactica (Hongkong). This partnership forms a worldwide network. On the one hand, this opens up possibilities for the exchange of knowledge. On the other hand, the partners of Global Sourcing Alliance can offer collective international services. A local client who wants to procure internationally, will get better help during this process. The partners can investigate international price differences and request tenders in the appropriate market.

 Due to The Sourcing Alliance, there will be a shared knowledge in more than thousand procurement categories, more than 100 professional consultants and 22 countries. Examples of references are: BMW, Volkswagen, EADS, Siemens, Samsung, Danone, SAB Miller en Bayer. The partners of Global Sourcing Alliance are here to strive for a global cover of procurement services.