Adjust (Amsterdam)

Sourcing on Demand (M√ľnchen)

Tactica (Hongkong)

Paladin Associates Inc. (Atlanta)

The Global Sourcing Alliance

Procurement consultancy companies from all over the world have created a new partnership: The Global Sourcing Alliance. They come together to provide for global procurement services. The participating companies exchange knowledge, jointly work for clients on international projects, and the alliance enables global sourcing for all clients from all alliance members.

The Sourcing Alliance includes four founding procurement consultancy companies. Those are:

- Adjust (Amstelveen, the Netherlands)

- Paladin Associates Inc. (Atlanta, USA)

- Sourcing on Demand (Munich, Germany)

- Tactica (Hong Kong, China)

The partners believe that in depth local knowledge combined with a global view are the ingredients to excel. International price differences become visible and best practices are shared.